Thanksgiving in Deer Park with The Junction at Deer Park

Thanksgiving in Deer Park with The Junction at Deer Park

It doesn’t feel like long ago that we were celebrating Mother’s Day, but it’s nearly time to start preparing for Thanksgiving in Deer Park. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re spending the day with family or enjoying a relaxing holiday to yourself, The Junction at Deer Park has the ideas you need to be prepared for fall foods and decorating. Thanksgiving can only be celebrated once a year, so make the most of it by going full throttle this year. Grab some food, decorations and more at The Junction at Deer Park to get ready for Thanksgiving in Deer Park the easy way.

Get Dessert from Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Dessert is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. Most people think it’s the side dishes, but those who know better are all about those after-dinner treats. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream doesn’t joke around when it comes to making the best ice cream on planet Earth. They’ve got a variety of flavors like Peanut Butter Bonds and Strawberry Sigma that will leave your guests in a state of bliss. Bring it home the day before, or simply ask them about catering to have their ice cream at your Thanksgiving celebration. The Junction at Deer Park and Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream want to make every day a little bit lot sweeter, so pick up the best dessert for Thanksgiving in Deer Park.

Look Your Best for Thanksgiving in Deer Park with Nails of America

Holidays are more than just fin times to spend with your family. They are also incredible photo opportunities. Your whole family is looking their best for Thanksgiving, so you might as well snap a couple of pictures while you’re all looking so good. In order for that to happen, you need to get yourself ready. Nails of America is our favorite spot to turn your hands from drab to fab in time for Thanksgiving. They are the best nail salon for custom art in Deer Park so check out these fun Thanksgiving nail designs and see Nails of America can do for you.

Use Those Benefits at Ideal Dental

The time your family gets off of work and school is an excellent time to get your teeth cleaned at Ideal Dental. You should visit the dentist twice a year to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best all year long, so Thanksgiving break is a perfect time. You don’t have to ask off work or skip school to get your teeth cleaned. It’ll save you time and money. You can save money by using your benefits from work! They expire at the end of the year, so if you haven’t used them yet you are wasting money. Visit Ideal Dental for a great tooth cleaning before Thanksgiving.

With some of these helpful tips and tricks from The Junction at Deer Park, your Thanksgiving in Deer Park will definitely be the best one yet! Get all of your family in one place, eat some delicious food and enjoy one of the best holidays in your freshly decorated home. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending Thanksgiving with a thousand people or by yourself, the most vital thing is to make the most of the day. Want to learn more about celebrating Thanksgiving in Deer Park? Visit The Junction at Deer Park directory today!

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Staycation Ideas Near Houston

Staycation Ideas Near Houston

There’s a whole lot to be said about a summer staycation or what many refer to as a “little day trip getaway” for a couple or the whole family. There are so many fun activities that can be done all within a day’s drive and you’re not out of all the additional money for extended travel and overnight stay, in addition to the dreads of packing and detailed planning. When you’re planning a staycation near Houston, all you need are some good walking shoes, comfortable clothes and a lot of energy so you can enjoy the day!

Double Movie Day

One thing about going to watch a movie at a theatre is that you’re forced to sit down and you don’t have all the added interruptions when trying to watch a movie at home. While trying to beat this summer heat, enjoying a movie in a cool theatre, especially in one of those new, comfortable recliners can be a treat! So consider rounding up the significant other and/or the kids and plan on watching one movie or even a catch a double feature.

Visit a Museum

Houston’s Health Museum has something for the whole family to enjoy and their mission is to empower healthy living. This unique museum offers a real-life journey through the human body. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s also educational. The Health Museum offers Free Family Thursday 2 PM – 7 PM and one of the many unique displays include a 22-foot-long backbone with ribs descending from the ceiling to the floor. This large backbone gives one the feeling of being inside a giant rib cage. So consider it as part of your staycation, a visit to Houston’s spectacular Health Museum.

Lunch or Dinner

Somewhere along the way, you’ll need to stop for a bite to eat. Whether it be for lunch or dinner, and depending on what area of Houston you’re in, at some point you may consider stopping in for a bite at Mod Pizza at The Junction at Deer Park shopping center. Their menu includes a variety of mouthwatering choices including personal artisan-style pizzas, salads, garlic strips and handspun milkshakes.

We Scream for Ice Cream

To round off the day, you might want to drop by Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream to cool off before you head back home. Choose from a variety of eccentric flavors including Birthday Cake Capacitor, Magnetic Mint and more!

Enjoying the day to the fullest doesn’t mean you have to take an overnight trip somewhere and spend lots of cash. Getting up early and getting in the mindset that you’re going to enjoy yourself and the day locally can not only save you money but it can allow you to have a hassle free day away from the house and also a little mini vacation!

The Junction at Deer Park is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project Representation, Tenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

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